Navy escorts two Russian warships approaching UK waters – ITV News

It comes at a time of heightened tension with Russia over its staunch support of Syrian president Bashar Assad despite allegations that he used poison gas on his own people.

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault have recently sharply criticised Moscow for vetoing a UN Security Council resolution on Syria.

They accused Moscow and Tehran of covering up details of Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons use.

Commander Andrew Canale, Commanding Officer of HMS Sutherland, said: “As one of the Royal Navy’s high-readiness units, HMS Sutherland is required to escort warships that approach the UK and this task is considered routine business for us.

“It is vitally important the Royal Navy demonstrates its presence and commitment to the integrity of UK territorial waters as we work around the clock to secure the seas of our island nation.”

In January, HMS St Albans escorted Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, battle cruiser Petr Velikiy and a tug as they passed close to UK territorial waters.

The RAF and Navy were also scrambled several times last year to escort Russian aircraft and ships near the UK.

Navy escorts two Russian warships approaching UK waters – ITV News

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