Zannah Mustapha founded a school that teaches Boko Haram children

Zannah Mustapha founded a school for children affected by Boko Haram violence in the heartland of the Islamist insurgency in Nigeria, taking in children of the militants. Zannah has won the UN’s Nansen Refugee Award. Video produced by Robert Spencer and Huong Ly Listen to BBC World Service’s Newsday programme on the iPlayer. Zannah Mustapha […]

The Syrian girl who sings through war

Sana, 11, lives in a small town not far from the Syrian city of Aleppo. Her singing allows her to forget about the war ravaging her country. Produced by: Faisal Irshaid, Dina Demrdash The Syrian girl who sings through war

How killer flies have the fastest vision of any animal

Flies are notoriously hard to swat because they see around four times faster than humans. They effectively watch you coming in slow-motion. In fact, scientists discovered that so-called ‘killer flies’ have the fastest vision of any animal. Find out more with CrowdScience: Spider silk and super fly senses. How killer flies have the fastest vision […]

Mexico quake: ‘If you die saving someone it’s ok’

Search and rescue efforts are continuing in Mexico following Tuesday’s devastating 7.1-magnitude earthquake. The BBC followed the recovery effort at one building in Mexico City after a man was spotted trapped under the rubble. Dozens of rescue workers risked their lives to try to find him. Juan Paullier from the the BBC’s Mundo service has […]

Hurricane Maria: Woman and children stranded on vessel rescued

A British helicopter has lifted a woman and her two children from a capsized vessel near Puerto Rico to safety, after being caught in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Local media report that a British man was believed to be trapped inside the vessel and died before the others were rescued. Hurricane Maria: Woman and […]

Syria war ‘ignored by United Nations’

A cinematographer for an Oscar-winning documentary about the Syria war says the topic has been overlooked at the United Nations this year. He tells the BBC why photographers and filmmakers documenting the conflict are more important than ever. Footage courtesy of Khaled Khateeb and the White Helmets team. Video by Olivia Lace-Evans Syria war ‘ignored […]

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