Oldest Homo sapiens fossils discovered in Morocco – Washington Post

Bones found in a cave in Morocco add 100,000 years to the history of modern human fossils. These bones are from “early anatomically modern” humans — our own species, Homo sapiens, with a mixture of modern and primitive traits, an international team of anthropologists, paleontologists and evolutionary scientists report in a pair of papers published Wednesday in the journal Nature. Despite their primitive features, […]

Scientists have done what Einstein said was impossible — used relativity to measure a star’s mass – Los Angeles Times

Astronomers scanning the skies with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have pulled off a feat that even Albert Einstein had declared all but impossible: they’ve witnessed the subtle bending of one star’s light by another star’s gravity and used that distortion to measure a star’s mass. The findings, unveiled Wednesday at a meeting of the American […]

Study casts doubt on the idea of ‘big fluffy T. rex’ – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption T. rex was one of the largest terrestrial carnivores of all time Despite its ancestors having feathers, Tyrannosaurus rex most likely had scaly skin, according to fossil evidence. Researchers say the huge predator had scales much like modern reptiles rather than feathers or fluff. The dinosaur may have ditched […]

Polar Photographer Shares His View Of A Ferocious But Fragile Ecosystem – NPR

1 of 6 i View slideshow Conservation photographer Paul Nicklen has spent more than two decades documenting the ice and wildlife in some of the most inhospitable places on Earth — the Arctic and the Antarctic. It’s a risky business: Nicklen often finds himself immersed in frigid waters, just a camera’s length away from deadly […]

A Planet Hotter Than Most Stars – Newswise (press release)

Newswise — AUSTIN—A newly discovered Jupiter-like world is so hot that it’s stretching the definition of the word “planet.” With a day-side temperature of 4,600 Kelvin (more than 7,800 degrees Fahrenheit), planet KELT-9b is hotter than most stars, and only 1,200 Kelvin (about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler than our own sun. In this week’s issue […]

Here’s how NASA’s Astronaut Corps is welcoming a new class – CNET

NASA will announce a new class of astronaut candidates on Wednesday. Prior to the big reveal, existing members of the Astronaut Corps recorded a series of messages to greet the next generation of space-going people. The welcome video is a fun and informative peek into the world of astronauts, who must undergo rigorous training for […]

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