Cold War Nuclear Explosions Freakishly Impacted Space Weather – Gizmodo

“Ivy Mike” atmospheric nuclear test, taken in November 1952. (Image: Wikimedia Commons) The overdrawn game of nuclear chicken between the USSR and the United States—now known as the Cold War—lasted about 45 years. While neither superpower ever deployed nukes on each others’ soil, high-altitude bomb testing caused a kerfuffle in Earth’s atmosphere. Though the conflict […]

Jeremy the lefty snail loses out to love rival – Daily Mail

Jeremy the lefty snail loses out to love rival – Daily Mail

Jeremy was found in a compost heap and a call was put out to find him a mate Most snails are hermaphrodites so can reproduce on their own but prefer a mate Two matches were found but they took a shine to each other and left Jeremy out They produced 170 babies but none shared […]

T. rex could pulverize bones with astonishing force – CBS News

Tyrannosaurus rex could gnash and chomp its teeth together with such force that it could easily pulverize the bones of its prey, a new study finds. The king of dinosaurs could bite down with a force of 7,800 pounds-force (34,522 newtons), a force equal to the weight of three small cars, the researchers found. But the real damage T. […]

Most of California’s Salmon and Trout Could be Extinct in 100 Years, Report Says – KQED

Conservation groups, fishing organizations and biologists have been working tirelessly for decades to protect California’s trout and salmon. They have restored floodplains where juveniles find food and shelter, are arranging to remove obstructive dams from the Klamath River and are constantly badgering water agencies to maintain suitable flows in important spawning streams. But a new report […]

Space weather events linked to human activity – Phys.Org

Space weather events linked to human activity – Phys.Org

Credit: George Hodan/public domain Our Cold War history is now offering scientists a chance to better understand the complex space system that surrounds us. Space weather—which can include changes in Earth’s magnetic environment—are usually triggered by the sun’s activity, but recently declassified data on high-altitude nuclear explosion tests have provided a new look at the […]

No one lives on this remote Pacific island — but it’s covered in 38 million pieces of our trash – Washington Post

Henderson Island, an uninhabited atoll in the South Pacific, is so isolated that it’s one of the few places in the world “whose ecology has been practically untouched by a human presence.” That is, at least, according to its description by a United Nations group, which named Henderson Island a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988. “The […]

Mystery over Earth’s light flashes may be solved – CBS News

The “pale blue dot” has been twinkling like a brilliant diamond in satellite images, and scientists may have finally solved the mystery of why. Mysterious flashes of light from Earth were captured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Deep Space Climate Observatory, or DSCOVR, an Earth and space weather satellite launched in 2015. Eagle-eyed […]

New dinosaur fossil so well-preserved it looks like a statue – SFGate Travis M. Andrews, The Washington Post Published 8:33 am, Friday, May 12, 2017 Beware of the ‘dinosaur mummy’! After five years and more than 7,000 hours of chiseling, the ‘dinosaur mummy’ has been unveiled! Paleontologists in Canada have found a 110-million year old nodosaur with its skin and guts perfectly preserved in stone. It was […]