Cryo-EM Captures Atomic Images Of Finger-Like Growths That Cause Batteries To Blow Up – Tech Times

Atomic-level images of dendrites, finger-like growths that are capable of penetrating the barrier that separates battery compartments and cause batteries to blow up, shed light on why batteries fail. Cryo-EM Dendrites hamper the ability of batteries to store more energy posing a stumbling block for battery-operated devices and electric cars to work longer. […]

NASA sounding rocket probes the dark regions of space – Space Daily

NASA sounding rocket probes the dark regions of space – Space Daily

Though stars and galaxies fill our night sky, most of the matter in the universe resides in the dark voids in between. Spread out over unfathomable distances, this cold, diffuse gas between galaxies – called the intergalactic medium, or IGM for short – hardly emits any light, making it difficult to study. […]

Dinosaur sported ‘bandit mask’ – BBC News

Image copyright Robert Nicholls Image caption Artwork: Sinosauropteryx probably lived in open environments, under constant threat of predation A dinosaur from China sported a “bandit mask” pattern in the feathers on its face, scientists have said. Researchers came to their conclusion after studying three well-preserved fossil specimens of the extinct creature, called Sinosauropteryx. They were […]

SpaceX will return to scene of its last explosion in December – The Verge

SpaceX will fly its next mission to the International Space Station in December from launchpad SLC-40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, marking the first flight from the pad since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded there in September 2016. The private spaceflight company will use a previously used Dragon spacecraft for this […]

The universe shouldn’t exist, according to science – New York Post

Our existence is one giant, inexplicable head scratch. The universe shouldn’t technically exist, according to top scientists who have spent their careers trying to figure out how the beginning of everything didn’t immediately destroy itself. The current model for the birth of the universe predicts that equal parts of matter and antimatter were produced by […]

New science suggests the ocean could rise more — and faster — than we thought – Washington Post

The Pine Island Glacier ice front. (Image credit: Robert Larter) Climate change could lead to sea level rises that are larger, and happen more rapidly, than previously thought, according to a trio of new studies that reflect mounting concerns about the stability of polar ice. In one case, the research suggests that previous high end projections for sea level rise […]