Size matters when it comes to extinction risk – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The large and the small are most at risk of extinction, on land and in water The biggest and the smallest of the world’s animals are most at risk of dying out, according to a new analysis. Size matters when it comes to extinction risk, with vertebrates in the […]

The world as we know it is about to end — again — if you believe this biblical doomsday claim – Washington Post

The world as we know it is about to end — again — if you believe this biblical doomsday claim – Washington Post

Sept. 23 is 33 days since the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse, seen here over Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Some people believe that is significant. (George Frey/Getty Images) A few years ago, NASA senior space scientist David Morrison debunked an apocalyptic claim as a hoax. No, there’s no such thing as a planet called […]

Mars research crew emerges after 8 months of isolation – Washington Post

HONOLULU — Six NASA-backed research subjects who have been cooped up in a Mars-like habitat on a remote Hawaii volcano since January emerged from isolation Sunday. They devoured fresh-picked tropical fruits and fluffy egg strata after eating mostly freeze-dried food while in isolation and some vegetables they grew during their mission. The crew of four […]

Saturn ruled this scientist’s life for 40 years — here’s why she’s begging NASA to go back after Cassini’s death – Business Insider

The last full view of Saturn taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute; Roman Tkachenko Linda Spilker began researching Saturn at NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory four decades ago. She worked on the Voyager mission and was on the Cassini mission to Saturn, which recently ended, from start to finish. Because there’s a chance alien life […]

A dino-eating crocodile! – The Hindu

Scientists have identified a new species of crocodile that lived around 95-million-years ago and preyed on whatever it wanted — from turtles to dinosaurs. Researchers, including those from University of Tennessee in the U.S., found that adults of the Deltasuchus motherali species grew up to 20 feet long. Based on the bite marks discovered on […]

NASA Research Participants Emerge After 8 Months of Isolation – The Weather Channel

<img class=”styles-A54tP4F3__noscript__12c_l” src=”″ srcset=” 400w, 800w” >   HONOLULU, Hawaii – After eight months of living in isolation on a remote Hawaii volcano, six NASA-backed research subjects will emerge from their Mars-like habitat on Sunday and return to civilization. Their first order of business after subsiding on mostly […]