Lessons must be learned in tainted blood inquiry, say campaigners

Image copyright Getty Images The UK inquiry into contaminated blood products must establish lessons that improve public safety, campaigners in Scotland have said. Thousands of NHS patients were given blood products from abroad that were infected with hepatitis C and HIV in the 1970s and 80s. Prime Minister Theresa May ordered an inquiry into the […]

GPs accuse government of ‘long-standing underfunding’

Image copyright Thinkstock The Royal College of GPs has accused the Scottish government of “long-standing underfunding” of GP practices. It has also criticised the “confusion” surrounding £500m of future spending commitments. The comments come in a written submission to Holyrood’s Health and Sport Committee. The Scottish government said it had already committed to investing “a […]

Fewer ambulance 999 calls to be classed as ‘life-threatening’

Image copyright iStock Fewer 999 ambulance calls will be classed as life-threatening and needing a super-fast response in the biggest shake-up of the service in 40 years. The move by the NHS in England – and agreed by ministers – will result in about 8% of call-outs being classed as needing the quickest response. Currently […]

Charlie Gard has 10% improvement chance, says US doctor

Image copyright PA Image caption Charlie has a rare genetic condition and is on life support An American doctor offering to treat terminally ill Charlie Gard has told the High Court there is a 10% chance he could improve the baby’s condition. The 11-month-old has a rare genetic disorder and severe brain damage which doctors […]

Grenfell Tower fire: Two more hospitals fail fire safety checks

Image copyright Getty Images Two more hospitals have failed fire safety checks, ordered in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire. Buildings at Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust and University College Hospital in London have been found to have combustible cladding. They will now have to take action and continue with 24-hour fire warden patrols […]

Grieving mum says Doppler device gave ‘false reassurance’

Image copyright Vicki McNelly Image caption Vicki McNelly said a hospital sonogram revealed her baby had died in the womb A grieving mother has warned pregnant women not to use a home foetal listening device that gave her “false reassurance” her unborn baby was alive. Vicki McNelly, 29, thought she heard the baby moving when […]

Do you live in the world’s laziest country?

Do you live in the world’s laziest country?

Image copyright Tim Althoff US scientists have amassed “planetary-scale” data from peoples’ smartphones to see how active we really are. The Stanford University analysis of 68 million days’ worth of minute-by-minute data showed the average number of daily steps was 4,961. Hong Kong was top averaging 6,880 a day, while Indonesia was bottom of the […]

First vaccine shows gonorrhoea protection

Image copyright Getty Images A vaccine has for the first time been shown to protect against the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhoea, scientists in New Zealand say. There are fears gonorrhoea is becoming untreatable as antibiotics fail. The World Health Organization sees developing a vaccine as vital in stopping the global spread of “super-gonorrhoea”. The study […]

Bulimia brains ‘use food to avoid negative thoughts’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Binge-eating in bulimia nervosa is often triggered by stress The brains of women with bulimia react differently to food under stress than other women’s brains, psychologists have discovered. In a small study, US researchers found decreased blood flow in bulimic women to a part of the brain involved in […]

More than 50,000 alive due to organ transplants, NHS says

Image copyright Thinkstock More than 50,000 people in the UK are alive today because of organ transplantation, new data suggests. NHS Blood and Transplant said that figure included 36,300 kidney patients, 9,800 given livers, 1,900 who received a pancreas, and 1,000 who were given an intestine transplant. It marks the first time the 50,000 barrier […]