‘Steep rise’ in self-harm among teenage girls

Image copyright Getty Images There has been a steep rise in reports of self-harm among girls aged 13 to 16, according to a study of data from GP practices across the UK. The BMJ study, which looked at figures from 2011-2014, said GPs could be getting better at picking up self-harm. But it was likely […]

Novelty contact lenses ‘can cause sight loss’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption They may make you look creepy, but there are risks, experts say Eye experts are warning of the risks of wearing novelty contact lenses at Halloween, saying they can cause nasty infections and scratches to the eyes. Cosmetic contact lenses are often sold in joke and fancy-dress shops and […]

Hundreds of families block organ donation

Media captionRachel wants to be an organ donor Organs from 505 registered donors could not be made available for transplant in the last five years because of objections from relatives. BBC 5 live found that almost a third of families blocked organ donation because they felt the process took “too long”. The law states that […]

Protein ‘can stop viruses developing’

Image caption The Hira protein could have a fundamental role to play in combating both viruses and cancer Researchers at the University of the West of Scotland have discovered a protein that can stop viruses developing. The team had already established that the same protein can suppress cancer. Now the fight is on to fully […]

Women ‘deserve apology’ over vaginal mesh implants

Media captionStephanie and Peter Williams say it’s made it “impossible” for them to be intimate Women left in permanent pain and unable to walk, work or have sex because of vaginal mesh implants deserve an apology, a senior MP has said. Dr Sarah Wollaston, chairman of the health committee, said some claim they did not […]

Check NHS cancer, A&E and operations targets in your area

The NHS is under unprecedented pressure. Rising numbers of patients need hospital care – whether in an accident and emergency department, for cancer treatment or for planned operations and care, such as knee and hip replacements. For each there are strict targets local services are expected to meet across the UK. But what are the […]

Pre-sex HIV drug ‘no-brainer’ for NHS

Image copyright Getty Images A drug to dramatically cut the risk of HIV infection during sex would save the UK around £1bn over the next 80 years, say scientists. The team at University College London says Prep, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a “no-brainer” for the NHS. The study predicts that giving Prep to men who […]

‘Go to the dentist and get fined £100’

Image caption Charlotte Waite says it is distressing when so many wrong fines are being issued Going to the dentist is something that many would want to avoid – but how about if you also faced a penalty fine? More than 40,000 people a year in England are getting fines of £100 – from an […]

Parents drinking alcohol ‘can upset children’

Image copyright Getty Images Moderate drinking by parents can have a negative impact on children, causing anxiety and disrupting bedtime routines, a study says. The Institute of Alcohol Studies said parents do not have to regularly drink large amounts around children for them to notice changes in adults’ behaviour. Three in 10 parents said they […]

Drug therapy ‘restores breathing’ after spinal injury

Image copyright Science Photo Library A drug-based therapy appears to restore breathing in rats paralysed from the neck down by a spinal injury, according to scientists. They hope their “exciting but early” findings could ultimately help free patients from ventilators. The pioneering work, in Cell Reports, suggests the brain may not be needed for respiration […]

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