Brexit: Theresa May ‘to offer 20bn euros transitional deal’

Image caption The foreign secretary and chancellor left No 10 together smiling Theresa May is set to propose a transitional deal with the EU of up to two years in a speech on Friday, a cabinet source has told BBC News. The PM is also expected to make an “open and generous” offer, potentially worth […]

Catalonia referendum: Madrid court fines organisers

Image copyright Reuters Image caption There were protests outside a Barcelona court deciding whether to free pro-independence Catalan officials Spain’s constitutional court has imposed daily fines of up to €12,000 (£10,600; $14,300) on top Catalan officials for every day they continue organising a banned referendum. Among those threatened is Josep Maria Jove, a top Catalan […]

L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt dies at 94

Image copyright AFP Image caption Ms Bettencourt was the world’s 14th wealthiest person, according to Forbes magazine’s 2017 list Liliane Bettencourt, the heiress to cosmetics firm L’Oreal, has died aged 94, her family has confirmed. A statement said she had died at home “peacefully” overnight. With an estimated 2017 net worth of 33bn euros (£30bn; […]

Catalonia referendum: Protesters gather outside court

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The court is deciding whether to free pro-independence Catalan officials detained by police on Wednesday Separatist supporters have gathered outside the high court in Barcelona in the latest protest over Madrid’s attempts to stop Catalonia’s independence referendum. The court is deciding whether to release 15 pro-independence officials arrested on suspicion […]

Russia turns on Morgan Freeman over election ‘war’ video

Media captionMorgan Freeman: US is ‘at war’ with meddling Kremlin Russia has aimed its entire media arsenal at the veteran Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman over his appearance in a video accusing the Kremlin of waging “war” on America during last year’s presidential election. The video shows the Oscar winner accusing President Vladimir Putin, a “former […]

French chef Sebastien Bras asks to drop Michelin stars

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption French chef Sebastien Bras (L) at work with his father, Michel Bras A celebrated French chef whose restaurant boasts three Michelin stars has asked to be stripped of the honour – because it puts him under “huge pressure”. Sebastien Bras’s eatery Le Suquet, in the southern French village of […]

Florian Philippot: Le Pen’s top aide quits National Front

Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Philippot was emblematic of the party’s embrace of a softer stance on social issues One of the best-known figures in France’s far-right National Front (FN) has announced he is leaving the party. Florian Philippot was right-hand man to Marine Le Pen during the recent presidential election which saw her […]

Bere Island buzzing over mystery lottery win

Image copyright RTÉ Image caption Mary Murphy, the island’s postmistress, sold the winning ticket from her post office on Monday It’s the lottery jackpot mystery that has left a small island off the southern tip of the Republic of Ireland feeling lucky. There is one winning ticket, with a 500,000 euro (£442,555) jackpot – and […]

Die Urbane: How do you form a ‘hip hop’ political party?

The youngest political party on the ballot in Germany’s federal election has a unique premise – it’s based on the values of hip hop. So how did Die Urbane get itself on the ballot? Founder Raphael Hillebrand explains. Video by Colleen Hagerty Die Urbane: How do you form a ‘hip hop’ political party?

Catalonia referendum: Spain PM calls for ‘escalation’ to stop

Media captionCatalonia’s separatist government is defying a Constitutional Court order to halt the 1 October vote Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has gone on national TV to urge Catalan separatists to abandon their plans for a referendum on 1 October. He asked the region’s government to give up its “escalation of radicalism and disobedience”. The […]

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