North Korea tourism: US to ban Americans from visiting

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The US State Department currently warns US citizens not to travel to North Korea The US is to ban its citizens from travelling to North Korea. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement that the ban would be published next week in the Federal Register, to come into […]

India musician plays guitar during brain surgery

Image copyright PTI Image caption Mr Prasad said he felt normal and awake on the operating table An Indian musician played the guitar on the operating table to help doctors treat involuntary muscle spasms in his fingers. Abhishek Prasad was asked to play every time doctors “burnt” a circuit in his brain to treat what […]

N Korea economy grows at fastest rate in 17 years

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Looking up? North Korea recorded its fastest economic growth since 1999. North Korea’s economy accelerated at its fastest pace in 17 years, despite sanctions over its nuclear and missile programmes. Gross domestic product grew by 3.9% in 2016 compared with the previous year, according to the Bank of Korea. […]

New agreement will allow US rice exports to China

Image copyright Huw Evans picture agency Image caption China is the world’s biggest rice producer and consumer. China has agreed to allow imports of rice from the US for the first time. The agreement gives US farmers access to the world’s biggest rice consumer, with China importing about 5 million tonnes last year. It follows […]

Egypt’s Uighurs fear deportation to China

Some Chinese Muslim Uighurs have gone into hiding amid a wave of arrests in Egypt in the past two weeks. Egypt says the detainees are illegal immigrants, but human rights activists say the Uighurs are at serious risk of arbitrary detention and torture if they are deported to China. China has cracked down on the […]

North Korea drought: Children at risk in ‘worst crisis since 2001’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption North Korea’s crop production has been hit in recent years by both drought and flooding North Korea is facing severe food shortages after being hit by its worst drought since 2001, a report from the United Nations says. Crop production in the country has been hampered by a prolonged […]

Why is India’s next president so unknown?

Image copyright EPA Ram Nath Kovind, former governor of the northern Indian state state of Bihar, has been elected as the country’s new president. BBC Hindi’s Vineet Khare profiles a man many Indians have never heard of. “I have been writing about the Dalits [formerly untouchables] for 27 years. But I first heard of Ram […]

Despacito censored: Malaysia bans ‘unsuitable’ hit from state stations

Media captionLuis Fonsi’s Despacito has become the most-streamed song of all time. Malaysia has banned state broadcasters from playing the hit single Despacito following complaints about the song’s “steamy” lyrics, officials say. A senior minister said the single, featuring Canadian singer Justin Bieber on a remix, was considered un-Islamic. Malaysia has strict censorship laws and […]

Australia human history ‘rewritten by rock find’

Image copyright Dominic O Brien/Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation Image caption The discovery was made in a rock shelter in the Northern Territory Archaeologists have found the first evidence to suggest that Aboriginal people have been in Australia for at least 65,000 years. The discovery indicates their arrival on the continent was up to 18,000 years earlier […]

Dalian Wanda $9.3bn deal in ‘crazy’ restructuring

Image copyright EPA Image caption Sunac will still buy 13 tourist projects, including three theme parks One of China’s biggest ever property deals is being restructured, less than a week after it was announced. Dalian Wanda had said it was selling 13 tourism projects – including three theme parks – and 77 hotels to developer […]

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