Amsterdam wins bid to host EU medicines agency post-Brexit

Image copyright Getty Images Amsterdam has won a vote to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA) which will relocate from London after the UK leaves the European Union. The UK is losing both the EMA and the European Banking Authority (EBA) which employ around 1,000 people. Ministers from the 27 EU countries remaining in the […]

Women advised to sleep on side to help prevent stillbirth

Women advised to sleep on side to help prevent stillbirth

Media captionA woman from West Yorkshire has taken part in the study about maternal sleeping positions. Women are being advised to sleep on their side in the last three months of pregnancy to help prevent stillbirth. A study of just over 1,000 women found the risk doubles if women go to sleep on their backs […]

Breast cancer tumours ‘larger’ in overweight women

Image copyright Getty Images Cancerous breast lumps are less likely to be detected in overweight or obese women before the tumour becomes large, a Swedish study has found. These women may need more frequent mammograms to help spot early tumours, say researchers, but experts say more evidence is needed. In the UK, women aged 50-70 […]

Some cancer patients have PTSD years after diagnosis, study finds

Image copyright Carine Bea Image caption Becki McGuinness suffers from PTSD after her cancer treatment left her infertile A fifth of cancer patients experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a Malaysian study has found. About one-third of these still had consistent or worsening PTSD four years after diagnosis. The researchers said PTSD needed to be identified, […]

Dog ownership lowers early death risk, study finds

Image copyright Getty Images Dog owners have a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease or other causes, a study of 3.4 million Swedes has found. The team analysed national registries for people aged 40 to 80, and compared them to dog ownership registers. They found there was a lower risk of cardiovascular disease in […]

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe ignores party deadline to quit

Media captionZimbabwe’s week of upheaval in under two minutes Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party has summoned its MPs to discuss the future of its leader, President Robert Mugabe, after a deadline for his resignation came and went on Monday. The deadline was set by Mr Mugabe’s own party, Zanu-PF. The embattled leader surprised Zimbabweans on Sunday, […]

Kenya Supreme Court upholds Uhuru Kenyatta poll win

Image copyright AFP Kenya’s Supreme Court has upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in last month’s election re-run, which was boycotted by the main opposition. Judges dismissed two petitions challenging the poll, opening the way for Mr Kenyatta to be inaugurated for a second term next week. The opposition said the ruling had been given under […]

Poland fury over ‘attack’ by EU’s Tusk

Image copyright EPA Image caption The EU’s Donald Tusk accuses the Polish government of drifting away from core EU values The Polish government has accused EU Council President Donald Tusk of “attacking Poland” after he voiced alarm at the government’s policies. “Today, by using his position to attack the Polish government, he is attacking Poland,” […]

Cities fight to win key EU agencies from London

Cities fight to win key EU agencies from London

Image caption Frankfurt produced a glossy video as part of its campaign to win the European Banking Authority A decision on the future location of two key European agencies will be made on Monday through a complex voting process. London is losing the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) because of […]